FOOD DIARY: Wednesday, February 27th

Last night was another Diet Night so that we can get back on schedule for this week: 2-5, Tuesday and Thursday.

I had wheeled over to the local Coles and they carry small, two person, packets of fish fillets of various kinds.  Yesterday arvo I picked up a packet of Kailis Bros. Barramundi fillets as a change from the Toothfish and they tasted excellent: nearly on a par with the Toothfish.

I prepared the fish using the same simple Bernard recipe: this time using the delicious Swiss Brown mushrooms but the recipe remained the same.

Just a salad using fridge greens: a combination of Rocket and Spinach plus a partly used tomato and some old mushrooms. 

We always try to eat whatever is left because it really pains me to throw out food.  That goes against the popular trend: I read just the other day that the average developed world kitchen throws out about 1/3 of their food and that statistic saddens me profoundly.  It must be, as I have read, that I grew up poor which is really crazy because, being a farm kid, I eat steak virtually every night or our own pork or our own chicken so being food-poor was definitely not the reason. 

Water can be an excellent beverage also.  

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