FOOD DIARY: Thursday, February 28th

Diane and I had a Lebanese meal last night and it is always special to have the delicious food available at the Prophet Lebanese Cafe in Vic Park.  We have been eating the patron’s food for decades now and before when he had a similar cafe near City Centre in Perth which has been torn down for many years.  His son is now in charge of the kitchen and the quality of the food has remained unchanged over the decades that we have been eating at the Prophet cafe.

We have our favourites and I tend, less so for Di, to order the same item whenever I eat there.  We were immediately served with an appetizer for which, highly unusual in Perth’s  restaurants,  there was no charge.  In most of the world’s countries that I have visited the restaurant will offer something for no charge as a means of luring custom but not in Perth; this is a hard town and we are the poorer for it!  This appetiser was perfect: a basket of Lebanese bread, sliced pickles and garlic spread.  I tore a piece of bread, put some garlic spread on it and then a slice (or two) of the pickle–delicious!

As a first course we shared a plate of six Falafel that were as light as I have ever tasted.  I have read that traditionally the groom’s mother would judge her son’s future bride on thedelicacy of her future daughter-in-law’s Falafel’s; my guess is that a smart future bride would simply ask for a double serve of the Prophet’s Falafels as a take-away and a happy future mother-in-law would be assured.

For our mains Di ordered a serve of four Ladies Fingers (lamb mince, pine nuts, finely chopped onion, various herbs and wrapped in filo pastry before deep frying.

I ordered a Lebanese version of an Egyptian-Sudanese bean stew called Ful.  The Lebanese version is red beans and chick peas (garbanzos) cooked until they break down somewhat, herbed and splashed with olive oil–delicious!

Forgive me for being blunt but paying a minimum of $100.00 per person for a restaurant meal is basically insane when you can eat this fabulous food for a fraction of the price.  We, the customers, are the bunnies so I guess we deserve what we get: over- priced food of questionable quality.



One thought on “FOOD DIARY: Thursday, February 28th

  1. ddollzden says:

    This is one of the best places to eat in Perth. The food is so delicate and tasty, the menu extensive for such a tiny place. Everything is made with fresh ingredients and a deft touch. I love it that the owner’s name is Jihad and his son is named Christian, no kidding!

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