FOOD DIARY: Saturday, March 2nd

Friday night is Party Night (two person party) and as usual Diane prepared a delicious meal.  We started,  as all good parties deserve,  with a Wild Turkey Rye Manhattan that tasted as good as it sounds.  With this imbibe she served some of her Dutkah with sticks of vegetables and bread.  The Dutkah was composed of Wattle Seed which is a Native Spice from WA.

As a second course Diane made a Panzanella Salad but she toasted the bread pieces rather than tearing pieces of the loaf as would the Tuscans; it was combined with: chopped tomatoes and onions with torn pieces of fresh basil and drenched in good olive oil.

The main course was a variation of Breaded Polish Pork Chops.  The pork was local Linley Valley Pork that is a Free Range product and Diane will buy no other and in terms of taste she is right.  Industrial farming of animals is something to be avoided.  We do not mind, nor should anybody reading this, paying more for any animal product that is Free Range. 

Di served the pork with diced potatoes and when she dices them they all cook evenly as opposed to “hell for breakfast” method where they are all different sizes (hers is better)!

Our beverage of choice was a Kendall-Jackson Pinot Noir from the golden hills of Santa Rosa, California and it was luscious.

It was an absolutely superb meal befitting a hard week of retirement.

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