FOOD DIARY: Wednesday, March 6th

Tuesday night is Diet Nght and I took a packet of Northwest Red Lipped Snapper out of the freezer but changed Bernard’s recipe by using a chopped tomato as the bed rather than mushrooms (the results in terms of taste were virtually the same), still sprinkled with finely chopped shallots, sprinkled fresh lemon thyme over the tomatoes and only used a splash of stock added to the bottom of the baking dish.  After the baking I saw that the tomatoes had rendered enough liquid to provide moisture during the baking.  The fish tasted wonderful so I will add that variety to the fish possibilities for the dish.

My success with the salad was not as successful; the salad was dreadful!   Trying to make a salad on a diet day is not my forte: too much iceberg lettuce, too little of the high-cal goodies that make a salad and a low-cal dressing that wasn’t.  Then to top it off with a glass of flavoured water was not the way to complete a meal. 

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