Thursday, March 7th

Again last night was BBQ night; the weather here in Leeming has been warm to hot with no wind so it is perfect BBQ weather and we enjoyed our fairly normal Greek inspired  meal of: feta cheese in a packet, Greek salad and BBQed lamb chops (much more up-market than the thin steaks).

I prepared the parcels as I did earlier in the week with a cm. (thickness) slab of Bulgarian feta cheese topped with chopped olives, oregano and a little tomato then sprinkled with olive oil.

For the second and also a side I made a Greek salad of: a roughly chopped tomato, cucumber, feta cheese and olives then sprinkled with roughly chopped mint and olive oil.

For the main I marinated the chops with mashed garlic (top and bottom) and finely chopped rosemary then sprinkled with olive oil.

As a beverage I finished a few glasses of the Greek wine remaining from an earlier evening.  This BBQ is really good and I just wish I had the skills and materials to do a complete Cypriot meal.

I have frowned on using gas for cooking outdoors but I realize that using charcoal is far too environmentally wasteful; when the meal is cooked you simply turn off the gas and there is no waste.



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