FOOD DIARY: Tuesday, March 12th

The meal did not go right last night; I had great expectations but alas Bernard let me down for the first time.  I tried a potato dish from her book, La Cuisine but either the recipe was poor or (more likely) my cooking of that recipe was poor.  Diane, being the excellent cook she is, thought that the recipe was not too workable and she nailed its problems: I on the other hand could not see the recipe for the potatoes (sad to write).

As an opening Diane made a sauteed fennel dish that she has made before; the fennel has dropped greatly in price because of the season and it is worthy of any meal! 

The meal was Pommes de terre a la boulangere which is a combination of potatoes with sauteed onions and bakeded in stock.  I thought that it sounded like a good easy recipe but such was not the case.

To accompany the potatoes I had bought one of those packets of delicious pork and grilled it in a too-small dish when it should have been grilled on an open tray.  The pork is so good that it easily recovered from poor cooking on my part.

As a beverage we enjoyed a bottle of Moulion De Gassac Guilhem from the Languedoc of southern France; it is inexpensive and fights far above its weight.


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