FOOD DIARY: Thursday, March 14th

Last night was our non-diet night in the middle of the week and Diane fixed a delicious old fashioned meal at my request (I am the old fashioned one of the two of us).

I have,  and Diane also, gotten away from beef quite a bit over the years and we both prefer lamb as our meat and to a lesser extent pork if it originates in the eastern states; it is far more tender than the local variety.

To begin the meal Diane just brought to the table a small plate of delicious nibbles: pieces of ham, olives and topenade toast-perfect!

Having said that I have enjoyed, only in the last weeks (this is the second time), a dish from the 70s-Steak Diane.  It used to be, when people did such things, a recipe that could be made at the table if you wished and in those days certain restaurants would have people with the skills to do it in front of you.  I like the recipe for several reasons: the meat for Steak Diane is cut thinly so it is far from the traditional slab of meat that restaurants seem to think their customers like and also the meat has various flavours added to the cooking so that the dish is different and to my mind far more tasty than the traditional steak.

As an accompaniment Diane took my fairly unsuccessful potato dish from Monday’s dinner, added some grated cheese on top and baked it to melt that cheese and voila, the dish was transformed!

As a beverage we enjoyed (hugely!) an Old Kent River ’09 Pinot Noir that we had bought on our little trip down south this past summer. 

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