FOOD DIARY: Friday, March 15th

Last night was day two of our weekly 2 Day Diet and I as usual made fish.  I have pretty bad taste buds and I am trying to keep a list of Australian fish that taste good to me and Diane.  I like fish as a rule so any taste good to me; however, some like Toothfish and salmon can never be screwed up because they taste so good to begin with. 

Last night I made Orange Roughfy on a bed of sliced tomatoes and onions but I do not think that Bernard’s recipe turned out in this instance.  The onions were too strong; probably because she wanted Cod for the recipe and I used this more delicate fish.  Oh well, live and learn.

To begin our diet meal, Diane made a plate of her signature roasted vegetables with a light yogurt dressing and they tasted as good as ever.

Water, again, as usual provided an excellent beverage.

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