FOOD DIARY: Saturday, March 16th

Yesterday was our Fremantle Day and we started by enjoying a Salvadorian lunch of pupusas’ in the market next to St John’s church.  I also, being the one with the empty stomach, enjoyed a tamalle on the same plate and as always they tasted great!  In WA these markets are the only places where a person can buy “street food” and I am addicted to these little snacks at markets around the metro area.

After watching the film we walked into the original Freo market and I, read bottomless pit, could not pass by the Indian guy that sells many varieties of “street food”.  I bought two deep fried items: one made of  chick-pea batter in a ball and the other called bhaji which is an unlikely mixture of flour and onion then coated and fried.  They were both superb and I will return (as I have).

We could not leave before buying two small slices of soft French dinner cheese: buche d’affinois and Le Rustique.  Both were fantastic and I can hardly wait until tonight when we can have another small piece.

After our sojourn into Fremantle we returned home and Diane made us one of her signature Maker’s Mark Manhattans because Friday night is party night for the two of us.

 I made a old fashioned shaghetti putanesca which is the sauce with chopped canned tomatos and garlic, capers, a chug of olive oil, a sprikling of chili flakes and I added a small can of tuna.  If I do say so myself it was fantastic.

To complete our Italian meal we opened a Farnese Sangiovese. 

I am embarrassed that we, as retired school teachers, can enjoy the fruits of existence to such an extent!


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