FOOD DIARY: Sunday, March 17th

Last evening we had the Rack of Lamb that we had purchased the day before at the Fremantle Markets.  There is a stall in the Market that sells only “free range” beef, lamb, pork and poultry.  We always endeavor to buy these products and to see them always available at the Market means that we will be able to avail ourselves of these good products.

The lamb we bought is an eastern states product that comes from the wetter region of Victoria marketed under the name New England.  The proprietor assured us that the lambs were raised on grass rather than wheat stubble as is the case in the drier lambing areas.  From the taste last evening I can attest to her truthfulness.

Diane made the classic lamb meal with cubed fried potatoes to accompany the rack and they were superb as always; she really does have a way with fried potatoes!

Diane used a French recipe from a book called “French-delicious classic cuisine made easy”.  She first used the recipe back in Sept.  of ’06 and it has remained her “go to” recipe for rack of lamb.  It calls for a mixture of fresh bread crumbs, thyme leaves, garlic and Dijon mustard made into a paste and then spread over the skin side of the rack before baking.  With this recipe, her deft touch and this delicious lamb the dinner was an assured winner.

We had the little salad from the night before that had gone uneaten and our wine was the excellent Moulin De Gassac Guilhem from the Languedoc region of southern France; a perfect meal! 

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