FOOD DIARY: Monday, March 18th

I made a lunch for us that I had never made before and or which I did not have a recipe  because I wanted to see how it what it would taste.  Many Asian countries have their own version of a pancake full of different items and flavoured as their own cuisines determine so I thought that i would try to make something a little like those pancakes filled with whatever I had in the fridge.  Those items were meager: bean sprouts and green onions.  We do not have Asian spices except some very old (it had lost its zing) Garam Marsala and a sprinkling of chili.

I simply made a pancake mix and stirred in some chopped green onion tops, bean sprouts with a teaspoon of that old Garam Marsala and then fried the mixture like a regular pancake.

Actually it did not taste bad at all; it was perhaps not something that would win a cooking contest but I am not fussy.

At dinner time Diane worked her magic and she prepared a pasta dish that would have won any cooking contest: she made us a linguine pasta with a sauce of saffron, crab and prawns with a little cream: so simple yet so delicious!

She served a green salad as a palate cleanser along with a delicious red wine: a Farnese Sangiovese (it was my fault, a red with a seafood pasta but I got too excited by the smells!)

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