FOOD DIARY: Tuesday, March 19th

Last night was a little BBQ night with the simple menu that, with variations, we have been making for years.  We have three separate items (last night, those variations-a Greek salad): a cheese course followed by a vegetable course followed by a meat or main course of some type

We started the meal, and these BBQs are always joint meals, with my favourite which is Cypriot haloumi on lightly toasted Turkish bread that had been spread with olive oil.

The second course, the vegetable course, was tonight corn on the cob that we had bought at the Fremantle market several days ago.  We use Ainsley’s method of spreading the husks and lightly toasting it on the BBQ and then opening the ears at the table and dusting them with salt and chili powder-no butter.  The corn from the market was fresh, sweet and ripe; it could not have been better

Our meat or main course were two lamb chops that had been frozen.  We rub them with olive oil and then spread crushed garlic on both sides before grilling them.  We both like to use maximum heat for a short time and the chops turn out great.  With this main Diane asked for a Greek salad to get a little veg so I used cherry tomatoes that I had torn apart, chuncks of cucumber, pitted Greek olives, chopped onion and dressed with olive oil.

Our wine was two glasses each of a Taylor’s Promised Land Cabernet sauvignon; a perfect ending to a perfect meal!


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