FOOD DIARY: Wednesday, March 20th Orange Roughy

Last night was a diet meal and I made the Bernard recipe with variations.  I had only two small mushies and some tomatoes so they were sliced and placed in the bottom of my baking dish and sprinkled with chopped shallots.  Last week I tried using onions but they were too strong so I will now only use shallots.  After this preparation I just poured in about 3/4s cup of Vegeta stock into the baking dish before baking it for about 20 minutes.

I had tried, kind of reluctantly, to use the Orange Roughly that Diane had bought last diet meal and found it too be as good as its reputation indicated but after ordering it at a good restaurant I had found it dry and flavourless. 

This Bernard recipe is wonderful: the fish (because of the stock in the bottom of the baking dish) was very moist, very tender and sweet and very good.  It is the best way of cooking fish that I have ever tried.

That fish and Diane’s roasted vegetables plus two large glasses of cold did a wonderful meal make! 

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