FOOD DIARY: Thursday, March 21st Vietnamese Delight!

Before the play we had our habitual meal at the Vietnamese place on James and if anything it was better than previously.

The restaurant has a large menu but we generally come back to items that we have had before.  We started with their Prawn Toast (a favourite of mine) and Fried Wantons served with a dipping sauce.

For a main Diane ordered an item that both of us have ordered before: a Pancake to be wrapped in lettuce and fresh mint with spicy sauce.   You might think that the lettuce leaves sound funny because lettuce in the market are sort of “flat” and stale but these leaves are like none that I have ever encountered in a market; they are fresh and crunchy and with the fresh mint leaves make a perfect bed for the bean sprout pancake.  The idea is to tear off large pieces of lettuce, add a stem of mint leaves, some chili sauce, a piece of the pancake and then wrap it up and enjoy.

I also ordered a favourite, Xao Lang or king prawn in a sauce of red bean and coconut; this and a bowl of rice does a delicious meal make.

It is beyond me that working people will actually pay 40 or 50 dollars for a main at a “modern Australian” cuisine restaurant when this Asian place, at 1/4 the price, will serve food as outrageously good as the Saigon Cafe and Noodle Restaurant.  They also only mark up their wine by 50% as opposed to the “oh so perfect joints that have turned ripping off customers into an art form.

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