FOOD DIARY Friday, March 22nd Diet Night with Blue Grenadier

Last night was the traditional Tuesday-Thursday diet night and I, as has become our wont, made Bernardf’s recipe of baked fish over vegetables.

We used a local fish called Blue Grenadier as an experiment to see how it stacked up to previous fish that I have used and unfortunately it was found wanting.  To be fair the markets had priced it about half the price of some of the fish that we both thought was better and now we certainly can see why. 

I am a day behind because I missed Wednesday after pressing the wrong key and losing the whole completed page.  I mention it because the fish was again Orange Roughy and, as opposed to last last night, it was superb (and so indicated by a doubly expensive price).

Both nights the fish was prepared as always: sliced vegetables (in both cases sliced mushies on a bed of sliced tomatoes), with a chopped schallot  sprinkled over the mixture and the fish pieces placed on top; the Vegeta stock was poured in the bottom, about a cup’s worth.

The food was accompanied by a beverage of clear, cold water that wass much enjoyable1 

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