FOOD DIARY: Saturday, March 23rd King’s Square, Fremantle Market and Steak Diane

Yesterday was quite a food day.  We decided to go to Fremantle to the Fremantle Market which has all of the good things that we both enjoy eating and preparing (the joy goes both ways).  But before the Market we stopped at the outdoor market in King’s Square next to the Town Hall in Fremantle and because the Salvadorian food stall was not there Diane decided to get us a Gozleme from the Turkish stall and it was delicious but I do hope the Salvadorian stall is operating next week.

Because the lunch was on the small side, we shared the one gozleme not one apiece, I stopped at the Indian street food outlet inside the Market and asked the proprietor for, his recommendation, two new offerings; he gave us a potato croquet and a new lentil offering and as with all his items they were both delicious. 

After these delights we got down to the business of why we were there and that was to buy some more New England (erroneously located in Victoria in a previous entry but actually from Queensland) grass raised beef and lamb as well as “open rage” pork and uncaged chickens.  Diane bought some mince, pork fillet and fillet steak.  Plus at the cheese stall we bought two French brie cheese’s for dinner that night.

Our traditional Friday night party began with a jigger of Wild Turkey Rye and Diane had a Campari Orange served with a plate of her nibbles

Our first course was market asparagus that she had wrapped, three spears each, in prosciutto and it was as delicious as it sounds.

Our second course was a plate of fried, cubed potatoes (my Irishness is showing because I eat the potatoes before anything else).

Our third course was the main of Steak Diane prepared with the meat also bought during the afternoon excursion to the Market.  It is an old dish that really should not have been removed from restaurant menus because it is a delicious, simple dish prepared for people that do not want to eat their way through a normal steak.  Steak Diane’s are traditionally thinner pieces and therefore not as filling as a regular steak but it still gives you that meat-hit if you so desire.

We enjoyed half of that wonderful Market French cheese.  I bought the really “skunky” one that the proprietor recommended and it was marvellous. 

Our wine was a non-preservative wine that Diane wanted to try because of sinus headaches that she has experienced.  This morning she reported that it seems to have worked: the same amount of wine but no headache. 

I do not know personal finance enough to know why we can eat so well as two retired teachers living on fixed incomes; there is not a great deal of money in the kitty but we sure enjoy life!


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