FOOD DIARY: Tuesday, March 26th Whore’s Pasta

What is a month without Pasta Putanesca one of the great southern Italian pasta sauces although sources say that it was only developed in the ’50s.

I find it hard to believe because it is such a natural blend of flavours: olives, chili, tomatoes, capers and anchovy or all the flavoursome products of southern Italy.  My only modification was to include a small can of tuna, also traditionally a Mediterranean product of the sea.  I used penne pasta because it is hollow and will allow the fairly liquid sauce to penetrate into the interior of the pasta.  Italians, and it appears to be little understood by Anglos, always match their pasta shapes to the particular kind to pasta sauce that they have prepared.  Which comes first, the pasta shape or the pasta sauce is something in the eye of the cook.

With the pasta I made a green salad but because it was not a Diet Night I was able to flavour it with all those tasty things that are too caloric.

We finished a bottle of Taylors’ Promised Land Cab Sav and a wonderful meal was complete.

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