GOOD DIARY: Thursday, March 28th

Yesterday was a Foodies holiday.  It all started at lunch when Di decided to make real Korean pancakes as opposed to my poor efforts earlier in the week and boy did she get to the heart of what they should be.

She made the pancakes much thinner than my version and cooked them in smaller batches as well as in more and hotter oil.  She used the same mix as I did as well as the same Asian spices and fillings so I did get them kinda close after all: water chestnuts, bean sprouts, green onions with Chinese Five Spice mix.

That night the meal was a real cracker; we were with eight others to celebrate Jeong Sook’s birthday at a Chinese restaurant with the unlikely name of Emma’s and located in Vic Park.  Her brother-in-law had eaten there many times and vouched for its quality  so he ordered for the entire table.  He ordered one dish for each of us plus the mandatory steamed rice.  We had (if I can remember them all): roast duck, sauced prawns, steamed bok choy, sauced lamb, coated and fried fish pieces, salt and pepper squid, stir fried vegetables, sauced beef and a separate one of pork and crispy chicken pieces. 

One of Jeong Sook’s friends brought a ice cream birthday cake;  it was an outstanding evening!


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