FOOD DIARY: Friday, March 29 An Unfortunate Attempt

Last night, loaded with a basket of good intentions, failed to produce the needed results.

I convinced Di, against her  (correct) better judgement, to rail into Perth and go to Jamie Oliver’s new Italian restaurant just around the corner from the train station in central Perth.  I knew there would be a line waiting to enter but I did not count on the one and half hour wait for a table from the attendant; Diane said that the place was packed so being in a wheelchair in that crowd meant a no-goer (I know, I know I should have thought about all of that before but I got carried away by the idea that the restaurateurs that had been ripping me off for the last 39 years were now going to fell what their costumers had been feeling!)

We ended up at the place almost directly across from the station: Streetons.  It has been there forever; the food tastes like remembrances from the 70s and because of that it is truly worth a visit, for Olde Times sake.

Diane ordered some spag bols and I ordered a chicken parma and we were transported back three decades.  Missing Jamie’s Italian Restaurant was not such a bad happening after all.

One thought on “FOOD DIARY: Friday, March 29 An Unfortunate Attempt

  1. ddollzden says:

    It was a strange night of anticipation but also many roadblocks. First we got into Perth late because our reliable Mandurah line train was delayed at Canning Bridge when smoking brakes caused concern and we all disembarked as the train was inspected then hobbled off for repair. The delay meant a crowd of crushed passengers borading the next train 20 minutes later and our arrival at Jamie’s at the overly popular time of 6pm. I would have waited 30 minutes but 90 seemed excessive so we tried Tony Roma’s (good for baby back ribs) but they too were overcrowded by then so in a bit of despair we tried Streeton’s for its location and food of varying quality. By this time I really needed a Friday night drink and wouldn’t you know it they were low on wine an only sold it by the glass! Sitting outside with some loud rapper busker within earshot and the music pumping out from the Birdcage Bar I thought it was just going from bad to worse. But two things happened: a group of Hari Krishnas moved through Murray Street Mall putting an end to the rapper’s attempt at music and the “spag bol” and chicken snitzel arrived making for a tasty but old fashioned meal. I needed comfort food just then so all ended well.

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