FOOD DIARY: Saturday, March 30th

Friday night is Party Night and Diane turned out  beaut.  She started the evening with my drink of choice a Sidecar with some pieces of flat bread and  three asparagus spears wrapped in prosciutto with a dipping sauce for accompaniment

The main was an old standby that we have been fixing for literally decades.  Diane and I tend to have Kitchen Wars (war is a vastly exaggerated term but it does add vigor to the proceeding) about whose recipe a particular dish belongs to on the basis of who has developed the recipe over the years; I guess if you must have a disagreement food is the best one.

The dish under discussion is a Greek dish called Garides Me Seltsa, prawns with tomato sauce and feta cubes with a hint of garlic and this is served over rice.  It is a peasant dish but like so many other dishes from humble backgrounds it is something that can be eaten over and over again and still be anticipated.

The wine accompanying this wonderful dish has to be a Retsina and tonight’s wine was from Tsantali  from Pavlos-Halkidiki.  I think that this wine goes particularly well with the feta in this dish; feta should be a strong cheese and the wine needs to be strong in order to accompany the Garides; as they say, a match made in heaven!


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