FOOD DIARY: Monday, April 1st

Last night Di made a traditional Polish meal for our enjoyment.

She started with a plate of Polish delicacies called Zacusca which was composed of: Baltic canned Sprats on Pumpernickel bread very thinly cut and covered with her own spread; she did the same with halved cherry tomatoes on the bread; these items were accompanied by goats cheese and cucumber.  Diane also added a potato pancake that she had frozen to see if it remained OK and it tasted as good as if it were made that evening!

Next came the main course which was particularly good: pork fillet wrapped in bacon before being roasted.

The sides were treats in themselves: red cabbage very thinly sliced with shredded apple added while it cooked giving the dish a mildly sweet flavour; she also made a dish of Le Puy lentils which tasted great with the pork by cutting the richness. 

I hope I taste  more of the recipes from her mother who has given encouragement and traditional recipes to her third child.

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