FOOD DIARY: Wednesday, April 3rd

What can I say about last night?  It was a very soft meal composed of Dis oven roast chicken with a side of roast pumpkin and a glass of flavoured water.

The meal was designed around my being under the weather, as they used to say at Lake Earl.  It was a 24 hour flu that is now gone and where it came from and where it went is one of those mysteries; I go through these maladies about once every 10 years and they always last the same amount of time and have the same effect.  I find them truly strange!  The only thing that I can come up with is the flu.  I think I catch a flu bug but because of my overall good health it does not take hold and can be shaken off in 24 hours.  I know that there is a bad case going through Perth right now and Diane and I got our flu shots last week sp that would have been positiveo

Anyway, I had no appetite last night so I eat the roast chook and went to bed and slept it off.

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