FOOD DIARY: Sunday, April 7th

Last evening was a very special dinner because Di made a Polish meal for two very old friends but the meal was a tribute to her very recent genealogical work with some of her Polish relatives; the meal was sort of a Roots meal.

Traditionally a Polish meal begins with a zakaski platter which is a group of hors-d’oeuvres and in Diane’s meal they were: sauteed mushrooms on rye, rollmops, chopped herring spread on pumpernickel, pieces of Polish sausage and potato pancakes from herr mother’s  great store of traditional recipes.  

This zakaski platter was accompanied by Zubrowka or “Bison Grass Vodka.” because this grass grows only in Bialowieza in the northeast corner of Poland where the only remaining European bison still live wild.  It is also the only remaining primeval forest in all of Europe.  The grass gives the vodka a particular subtle flavour making this vodka the best  and smoothest I have ever tasted!

As a main Diane made Wanda’s  Meatloaf which was a traditional Polish recipe that had been eaten many times at home as achild and as a side she prepared a dish of flavoured shredded Red Cabbage.

As a dessert Diane made a special Poppyseed Cheesecake that contains, strangely, mashed potato!  We all can attest to the lightness and deliciousness of this not-sweet but not-savoury cheesecake.

The meal was superb but it took a great deal of prep so if it is repeated it will be awhile from now.

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