FOOD DIARY: Wednesday, April 10th

Yesterday was a continuation of our 2-5 Diet and it was one of the twos so I prepared our usual fish dinner.  Having fish twice per week is not a big deal except that fish gets a little expensive but when it is that Patagonian Toothfish that I have mentioned in the past then virtually any amount of money  is too little for what has become my favourite fish, ocean or fresh.

As in previous times I have tried to make the bed upon which this delectable fish is baked as insignificant as possible.  I say that because the Toothfish is so delicate in flavour that I do not want any strong seasonings or vegetables to be used.  I just sliced, using the mandolin’s finest settings, a tomato that we had and a mushroom and spread them on the bottom of the baking dish then sprinkled chopped shallots over them and baked for about 20 minutes.

Diane prepared some roasted sliced eggplant as a side along with two glasses of excellently cold water and a diet meal was had.

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