FOOD DIARY: April 12th Day Two of the 2-5 Diet

Last night, as always seems to happen on a diet night, I fixed some oven-baked fish.  The method seems to have fallen into a pattern because fish is a favourite for both of us and more importantly it is a very low-cal meal. 

I have mentiomned in past blogs that the method of cooking means that the quality of the fish stands out so an inferior quality fish makes itself immediately apparent.   

I habitually use Bernard’s menu: a small square baking dish layered with thinly sliced tomatoes covered with thinly sliced mushrooms, sprinkled with finely chopped shallots and bathed in strong stock, generally Vegeta or a beef stock.  Then baked for about 20 minutes and served.  The stock gives off its steam as the fish cooks and the vegetabales are so mild that the true taste of the fish comes out.  I have not done salmon this way but it will be happening soon.

The fish this evening, and I never thought I would say this but it was as good as Toothfish;  it was Orange Roughy.  I thought that it was superb and it is cheaper so it will be the fish of choice in the future.

Diane grilled some sliced eggplant and servered it with a little low-cal sauce plus a delightful salad  (as delightful as a salad can be with no olives or cheese or oil dressing.) 

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