FOOD DIARY: Saturday, April 13th

To begin our French meal we had a Maggie Beer Duck Pate that matched a JP Chenet Rose with a splash of Chassis.

Last night was Party Night (Friday) and after returning from a delightful short afternoon in Fremantle, principally at the Markets, I made an old Julia Child recipe that goes back to my first dasys of cooking at least three decades ago.   It has that terribly French impressive name of Bitokes a’ la Russe which in layman’s term is simply “Hamburgers with Cream Sdauce.” 

It is a recipe of few demensions but it will make a simple burger sing!  After frying, deglaze the pan with a splash of stock (your choice), reduce the stock to a syrup and add a good splash of cream, enrich this  with a knob of good butter and add a spoon (or more) of fresh chopped hebs and pour over the meat that has been resting in a warm oven.

Last night Diane prepared some asparagus that she had purchased (along with the Queensland Freerange Beef) at the Fremantle Markets.  She also quickly diced (she is very fast at these Kitchen chores!) a potato and fried it as I cooked the beef.

We also purchased some excellent French cheese at the Markets and they rounded this wonderful meal.

Our wine of choice was an excellent, though inexpensive, ’09 Chateau Pey La Tour Bordeaux.


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