FOOD DIARY: Sunday, April 14th chili nite

I made a very old fashioned American meal last night but one that tastes so good to these old taste buds.  The meal was Chile made with a packaged mix called D.L.Jardine’s Texas Chili works.

There are a number of chili mixes that you can purchase; I have never made a straight chili with my own mix but it will probably happen sometime in the future.  In the meantime these packaged mixes are great because they contain all the spices and other items needed and they are without any product that can go off.  They last a long time in case you can’t get around to its preparation.

Because the package was a little out of date and the spices had lost their kick I added some items to the mixture to bring it up to speed: about a tablespoon of chopped Jalapenos, a sprinkling of dried chili flakes and a splash of the liquid in the jalapeno jar.  These additions were sufficient to “boost” the chili into the moderate class  (heat that is.)

Obviously there needed to be some carbs with the meal add the best addition was a skillet of cornbread.  A  cookbook from our dear old friend Anne,  who gave us a Fannie Farmer cookbook as a wedding gift,  provided a much used recipe for Skillet Cornbread or cornbread baked in a blackened skillet that has never felt soap in at least forty years (cast iron skillets must never be washed with soap because it will remove the seasoning and rust the skillet.).

The cornbread, as always,  tasted fabulous and was the perfect accompaniment to the chili.

For beverages: a finger of Jim Beam Rye to begin and a Dos Equis for me;  Diane had a more moderate beverage. 

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