FOOD DIARY: Tuesday, April 16th

Diane made a very old favourite that goes back virtually to our first years in Australia and the only Australian thing about the recipe is lamb.  The recipe is called Lamb Stew From Jerez and we have always eaten it with sliced fried potatoes and it is rich and caloric and truly delicious!

This is Diane’s recipe exclusively.  Some recipes are exclusively mine, some like this one hers and some we argue about; that is, where did it come from, who “discovered” it and in general, who has rights over the recipe.  This one is all hers and I am even unsure about what is in it and how to prepare it.

It begins, I believe, with cubed lamb pieces (from anywhere on the animal) gently frtied; then sherry is added and by now I know not what seasoning is added.  The result however is delicious and the fried potatoes are virtually a main in and of themselves!

A green salad ends the meal and cuts the richness along with a suitable red (no Tempranillo this time though.)

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