FOOD DIARY: Thursday, April 18th

Tonight was a special night even though it has been repeated at other times.  Diane and I went to Colleen’s place in St. James and drove the few blocks to Albany Highway in East Vic Park to our favourite meeting place, The Prophet; a Lebanese restaurant that is what might be called a “hole-in-the-wall but is in reality one of (in my opinion and of some restaurant reviewers) one of the best eating places in Perth.

We began our meal with their deliciously light falafels and a plate of baba ghanoush or roasted eggplant dip served with flat Lebanese bread for dipping.

Then the mains took centre stage: three Ladie’s Fingers and three lamb Kibbeh. The Fingers were ground lamb wrapped in filo pastry and deep fried while the Kibbeh were also minced lamb but rather than wrapped in filo they were coated in bulgar wheat and deep fried and both served with ample lettuce salad.

Our dessert was again three different ones to share: baklava, date maamoul and ladie’s fingers (sweet this time) plus Lebanese coffee for three (which is much like Turkish coffee–strong and sweet.

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