FOOD DIARY: Wednesday, April 17th

Last night was the first night of our two day, 2-5 Diet, and Diane made the meal rather my usual fish. 

She made a partial chicken breast heated and spread with various spices mainly paprika.  With it she prepared various sauces to spread on  pieces of vegetable: one was a Greek yogurt with pressed garlic and spices and another was a feta cheese similarly flavoured.

Her choice of vegetables were: roasted capsicum, roasted mushroom and cherry tomatoes.

With this delicious low-cal meal we enjoyed two glasses of flavoured water.  Except for the water it would be hard to ever realise that it was a diet meal! 

One thought on “FOOD DIARY: Wednesday, April 17th

  1. ddollzden says:

    It has taken me a number of weeks to figure out how to spice up these diet meals with low cal sauces. I have discovered that Greek yoghurt, ricotta, Vegeta stock, Mexican salsa, garlic, shallots, herbs, pickles and mustard can be used in various combinations to dress vegetables, fish, salad.

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