FOOD DIARY: Friday, April 19th

Last night was evening two of our 2–5 Diet; I made my standard baked fish over vegetables recipe that I found in Bernard’s French Cuisine cookbook and it has served us very well over the years after which I purchased it.  My only deviation was with the fish.  we bought some salmon fillets rolled, making two, and I put them on the tomato and mushroom mix.  Oddly the salmon did not taste as good as the Orange Roughy or Toothfish; we surmised it was because the salmon was just too delicate whereas the salt water fish was robust enough.

I have been purchasing and reading cookbooks since the late Sixties and I have found through many cookbooks and over many years that If I find one recipe that is frequently repeated then the cost of the book was returned; even if you use no other recipes.  Such is the case with Bernard’s book: her fish recipes on a bed of mushrooms or tomatoes or a mixture of both with a half cup of stock in the bottom oh the baking dish has served me very, very well.

Diane showed me how to fry some vegetables, eggplant and mushrooms, so that I will be able top complete the meal without asking her assistance.  Those vegies, a salad and two glasses of water completed a great diet meal (under 500 calories for the whole day.)

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