Saturday, April 20th

Friday night is Party Night and Diane who habitually does Party Nights fixed a beaut (as she always does.) 

We started with a plate of little nibbles: marinated mushrooms, small toasts spread with pesto, dried olives and stuffed olives.  The beverage accompaning these delights was a Maker’s Mark Manhattan.

The following course was a little off from the normal, certainly not because of the chef but because the raw material was not up to it.  Perhaps because it is seasonal?  We always use a potato variety called Royal Blue because they fry very well and they have a very tight, thin skin meaning the skins dissolve while cooking so there is no need to peel them.

The main course was one of my favourites: Steak Diane.  It is an old 70s recipe but I think that it should be brought back.  The steak must be pounded thin thus allowing for tenderizing as well as thinning it. The contemporary recipes seem to omit this thin part and concentrate on the sauce; I recall 40 years ago that it was always a thin piece 1 cm or half inch.  It is then  flavoured with butter, shallots, stock, cream, Worcestershire sauce and ended by adding brandy and flambying it.  It was popular in the days of chafying dishes and cooking at the table.  I suppose that it has gone the same way as Fondue.

For desert Diane experimented; dessert are not a feature at our table and tried a Blueberry Crumble with vanilla ice cream.  It was very repeatable!

Her beverage of choice was a wine with no preservatives La Cantina Dry Red from King Valley, Victoria.  It was delicious and will appear on our table in the future.

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