FOOD DIARY: Monday, April 22nd

Yesterday was a enriching day; enriching because the company of Old Friends from decades ago as well as the delights of the kitchen and the BBQ.

Joelle started the proceedings for the assembled guests,  John and Jeong Sook as well as Diane and I by bring out bowls of Kalamata olives that she had flavoured with her own recipe.  The guys talked politics and had a beer while the women probably also talked politics and might also have had a beer.

We retired to the dining area inside and took a large spoon of Joelle’s delicious side of flavoured grain while Keven brought in a platter of BBQed lamb chops and sausages,  We could not have wished for anything more delicious!

As a dessert Joelle made an excellent single layered cake accompanied by clotted cream and fresh cream–delicious!

She served some herbaceous Kiwi whites that are as good as  their reputation alludes.

It was an afternoon of delicious food and delicious friendship!

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