FOOD DIARY: Thursday, April 25th

Last night I repeated A meal from last week: I made from a new chili packet mix, Carrol Shelby’s, another pot of chili in order to finish the skillet corn bread that I made originally and has been languishing in the freezer waiting to be enjoyed once again.  Freezing bread of any kind is always done here in Leeming and the corn bread tastes virtually as good as it did originally.

Diane tried a new olive recipe based on the excellent olives served by Joelle at her and Keven’s recent BBQ.  Diane’s version was just as good and eating olives heated and flavoured is a real treat and will become, I hope, a regular.  Accompanying these delicious olives was another freezer treat, besides the corn bread, six small potato pancakes that Diane had made for her Polish banquet several weeks ago.  These also took well to freezing although they lacked the crispness of the original. 

As a beverage, chili and corn bread cries for it, Diane fixed us her signature Manhattans made with Wild Turkey Rye and as usual was a cracker!

I enjoy my chili with a little kick so I added six small sliced red “finger” peppers to the mix plus about one semi-drained can of chopped Italian tomatoes, about 2/3s cup of water plus the spice mixture and the packet of Masa Harina (which thickens the added water and adds a special final taste.)  I had a Dos Eques beer with my chili and it made everything go down very well.

I have never, but am now considering it, making my own chili from scratch; now that I have finished using all my chili packet mixes I will try to make my own.  I don’t think it will work very well but there also seems to be no harm in trying.  The spice mixture is the stumbling block because I am unsure that I can get enough flavour in my chili.  This one was better than the previous;  1/2 kilo (one pound) of mince is perfect for two people with substantial appetites like Diane and I.  As a side note, even with all our eating, Di has lost at least three kilos since we began our 2–5 Diet; not bad for not feeling like you are on a diet!



One thought on “FOOD DIARY: Thursday, April 25th

  1. Diane Johnson says:

    Tim makes the best skillet cornbread!

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