FOOD DIARY: Thursday night Diet meal with Orange Roughy

Last night, because it was a diet night, I continued making the same dish that I have been making for weeks: baked fish on a bed of mushrooms, tomato, bathed in Vega stock and sprinkled with a chopped shallot.

The shallot is very important; last week I forgot it and the fish, although one of my very favourites, just tasted bland.  Last night I fixed Orange Roughy and it was delicious!  I honestly think that it is even a better cold water fish than Patagonian Toothfish.  It is a marvelous  method of cooking fish, the best I have ever tried and I have Bernard’s French cookbook to thank for the recipe.  I think that baking the fish fillets over the 1/3rd cup of Vegeta stock means that the fish is softer and more flavourable than other methods I’ve tried (because of the steam given off during cooking.)

A salad with no caloric additions, like croutons, olives or tasty dressing and a glass of water as a beverage meant that a very tasty, low-cal meal was enjoyed by the two Johnson’s but wait until tomorrow!

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