FOOD DIARY: Greek Lamb Chops with…

Last evening Diane made us a semi-Greek meal of Lamb Cops that she had marinated in Greek herbs.  

As a first course she made some of the best Cauliflower that I have ever tasted.  I do not enjoy eating this vegetable because the Americans insist on cooking it with a cheese sauce, or at least that is the way I remember it but the Mediterranean cuisines cook it in such away that the vegetable loses that cauliflower taste that I so dislike.  After the preparation she made a gremolata: bread crumbs, crushed garlic and parsley that was sprinkled over the cauli.

Also before the main, Diane also made eggplant pieces with a coulis  with fresh tomatoes and herbs.

The lamb chops were followed by (almost always) a fresh, cleansing salad.

Our wine of choice (I love to marry a countrie’s wine with a countrie’s food) was a Greek wine from the Greek Cyprus: Kthma Keo (2006).  It was a robust, dry red from Lefkada and it married perfectly with Diane’s dinner.

One thought on “FOOD DIARY: Greek Lamb Chops with…

  1. ddollzden says:

    The cauliflower was a newspaper recipe of all things and amazingly delicious. Cut it into “slices” or “steaks” then brush with olive oil and grill on a ribbed cast iron plate or pan a few minutes on each side. My slices fell apart a bit but they still tasted great. They can be dressed with a salsa or a Sicilian green sauce, gremolata, anything you fancy.What a tasty surprise from this lowly white vegetable.

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