FOOD DIARY: Pizza ight

Diane has been cooking up a storm so it was only natural that we had a quiet food night last night hence the decision to enjoy one of the good doctor’s pizzas–I am writing of Dr. Oether who makes the best super market pizza that either one of us has ever tasted.

Diane made a tasty salad with olives, halved cherry tomatoes, walnut pieces on a bed of Mesculun lettuce as an accompaniment.

I had a coke for a beverage and Diane had a glass of wine.

Tuesday night has been our Diet Night but we have decided to ease off a little from the rigors of the 2–5 Diet Week because we are getting a little tired of the fish days even though the fish is very, very good.  We have been on the diet for something like three months (or maybe it just seems that long!) so to ease a bit is seen as OK by both of us.  Our food, such as there is, during the day is very modest so the goal of 500 calories for Di and 600 for me is still the marker for both of us. 


2 thoughts on “FOOD DIARY: Pizza ight

  1. murray says:

    Tim, Diane will remember that I has a blood disorder when I was young and was quire ill. During my recovery in 1960 and early 1961 I had to eat liver and/or eggplant every day for about 2 years. As you might expect, those are two items that are never on my menu.

  2. ddollzden says:

    Murray, I used to love liver the way my mother made it coated with flour and pan friend with lots of onions. Now I cannot eat any meat with that fine grained texture. I do not recall eating eggplant as a child even once. How did your mom cook it? Or would you perfer not to remember!

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