FOOD DIARY: The Colonel’s

Last evening Diane and I did something that hasn’t happened in decades: we ordered Dinner Boxes for our meal before the Etta James Story at the Regal Theater.  It  was decided because the dinner venue had to: have a handicapped toilet, be close to the Regal and be quick to serve.  The decision was between The Colonel or Jacks next door and the Colonel won.  We try to fore-go fast food joints because they are too caloric but they do have their place when fast service is important.

After eating the Dinner Box with its three pieces of chicken, roll, potato and gravy plus a slaw, I was still famished during the production.  We normally eat much less at home so, being the conspiricist that I am, I reflected later that one of the colonel’s “nine herbs and spices” must be an appetite expander.  It does not make sense that after all that food I would still be famished.  Ah, the mysteries of the universe! 


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