FOOD DIARY: Friday Night Party with Steak Diane

We had a very quiet but intense Friday Night Party last evening.  Earlier we had a partial Freo Day with Indian street food at one of the Fremantle Market stalls.  From that snack we moved on to the cheese stall and spent some more money on excellent, skunky French cheese; I bought one of those square French boxes that contain the cheese.  In this  case it was a Petit Pont L’Eveque from Normandy From there we went to the stall the sells free range meat products so we bought some tender thin steak: Stockman’s Choice Angus Rump that makes delicious old fashioned Steak Diane.  I once went to a restaurant where they said they did table service meaning they cooked the food at your table which has now disappeared in West Australian restaurants.  The only problem was that the guy cooked a regular thickness steak and served it with Steak Diane ingredients.  In my mind Steak Diane must always be a thin cut of meat, rather than a steak cut in half (if you are lucky), like Round Steak which is Rump Steak in Australia.  I can go no further than saying that Diane’s traditional version tasted brilliant.  As I have said before it is a shame that this dish is gone from West Australian menus. 

Diane began the meal with a plate of nibbles to accompany my very satisfying Side Car.

Next she delivered another great dish: Asparagus Wrapped in Prociutto. 

Then that delicious main that I have talked about followed by the  Petit Pont L’Eveque cheese. 

Our beverage last night was a Western Australian Margaret  River ’06 Shiraz that married beautifully with the Steak Diane and the Pont L’Eveque; what a way to end the week!

2 thoughts on “FOOD DIARY: Friday Night Party with Steak Diane

  1. ddollzden says:

    I use a very simple recipe cut out of a food magazine many years ago. Melt butter in a pan till hot.(I add a tad of Olive Oil too.) Place well pounded steak into pan and immediately spread fresh crushed garlic over it then a generous splash of worchestershire sauce. That should take a minute to 90 seconds max so you can turn the steaks and spread parsley on the other side side. Cook one minute and serve with pan juices.

  2. Where is the lemonjuice?

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