I feel that perhaps I should not include the Bakehouse because it has footpath seating which, as every Wheelie knows, is easy to access.  However, I will include it because with winter approaching the Bakehouse may remove their outdoor eating option.  Diane and I have eaten there many times; in fact it is our favourite eating place in Freo for brekky and lunch. 

They do not have disabled facilities but a short wheel will get you to the Sail and Anchor pub on the corner and they have a large disabled toilet that can be used. 

No outdoor seating does not preclude a visit to the Bakehouse because the interior, although tightly packed with seating, has always had a free table on the edge as you enter so that Wheelies can access seating directly inside the etrance.  There is a lip at the entrance but in all my visits I have never foud it to be a problem.

Once seated either out or in you can make your choice from the many goodies on offer.   Historically the Bakehouse has been a brekky place, particularly for the male Johnson, before watching a movie at the Luna on Essex just down Essex Street then wheel  left at Outback Jacks.

Everything that I have tried at the Bakehouse cannot be criticised so, at least by my tastes, a person should be pleased.  The Bakehouse is a Fremantle Icon and judging by the number of people eating there I would say that those people also think so.

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