FOOD DIARY: Lucannese Chicken

Our olive tree has produced its last olives before the winter months set in so The Chef wanted to fix an old recipe that has been on our plates for decade4s, since we moved in, planted the tree  and the it began producing olives.  It harkens back to our year in Italy in the early 70s when we visited Lucca about six times from Florence; it was one of our favourite Tuscan cities out of a plethora of beautiful Tuscan cities!

The recipe is Da Giulio in Pelleria (lamb in black olive stew) from a cookbook called A Taste of Tuscany.  You can substitute chicken for the lamb which is how we do it and we always use breast meat or thigh pieces  because there is no bone to work around.  It is a simple recipe that is served in Luccan restaurants in the city centre (.  The main ingredients: your choice of lamb or chicken, ripe chopped canned tomatoes, black olives, plus the usual suspects of crushed garlic, white wine, olive oil and rosemary.  It really is cucina casalinga (home cooking).  

Diane served polenta with this dish topped with the marvelous cooking sauce; it  was a superb meal!

Our beverage of choice was a bottle of Borgo San Leo Pinot Grigio; it is a Venezie wine but we had previously finished all of our Tuscan whites.

2 thoughts on “FOOD DIARY: Lucannese Chicken

  1. murray says:

    I do wish we were not so far apart. The four of us could really do some fining cooking.

    • timstucker says:

      Thanks Murray, your cousin is the engine of these wonderful meals and I have no doubt that the two of you could put to shame any restaurant here in Perth (sorry that does not really mean very much.)

      How’s the restaurant food where you live? You probably can out-cook any of those places also.


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