FOOD DIARY: Leftover Lucannese chicken

Last night was one of those sweet little meals that does not cause any great bother in the kitchen.  I am speaking of course about having leftovers and particularly in this case they are better than the first time that they appeared on the table the day before.  This dish is like an Indian curry the more time it is in the sauce the better it becomes.

Diane used the remaining polenta dressed, as before, with some of the delicious sauce.  That was followed by a cleansing salad and a couple of glasses of leftover wine of indeterminate origin and a great meal was had.

One thought on “FOOD DIARY: Leftover Lucannese chicken

  1. ddollzden says:

    I don’t much care for left overs but in this case the chicken and polenta really taste fine the next day. When I make the polenta I pour it on a wooden board and let it set into a slab which I can cut into serving pieces and warm it by grilling/broiling for a few minutes with a tad of olive oil and parmesan.

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