FOOD DIARY: Pizza Night

Last evening was a slow-down evening and as appropriate the good doctor  was taken from the fridge and served to the grateful masses;  actually only two so I guess “masses” is an inappropriate term.

We had, thanks to Di, a little plate of nibbles to begin and a salad to end.  In the meantime a bottle of Taster’s Choice Clean Skins: a Cab Sav from Coonawarra enjoyed by the masses.

These Clean Skins are very inexpensive and in nearly all cases they are very good drinking.  I assume (I have no official knowledge) the vintners have an over-stock of some wines and know that they won’t sell so they market them at low prices through “Clean Skins” and by doing so they protect their name meaning that they are not just known as table wine growers–everybody wins.t

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