FOOD DIARY: Spaghetti with Aglio Et Olio (garlic and oil)

For various reasons last night had to be a simple yet filling meal so I made the simplest of pastas: garlic and olive oil.  It is probably good to have fairly large amount of chopped parsley available to mix into the pasta just before serving.  I crushed the garlic as an experiment last night but it was an unsuccessful experiment.  The recipes call for sliced garlic which is what I have done in the past so I will be going back to the tried an’ true methods.

Obviously there must always be a salad and I made an insignificant one using the meagre remains that had collected in the fridge.

To compensate for this terribly inexpensive meal I lookedat the rack and found a delicious Carpineto Chianti Classico.  The first sip was on the sweet side but decanting with some air to it meant that it was very good and a suitable beverage with the pasta.  I do not believe that it was terribly expensive so I’ll see if there is some more in stock at the local store.

2 thoughts on “FOOD DIARY: Spaghetti with Aglio Et Olio (garlic and oil)

  1. murray says:

    Tim: I have become a convert to using roasted garlic. Instead of the going through the process of crushing/chopping/slicing garlic, I roast a few heads of garlic and keep them in my refirgerater. I just squezze out what I need when garilc is
    called for. It is much sweeter and less raw tasting than freash garic.

  2. murray says:

    Do you and Diane do much cooking with braising?

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