FOOPD DIARY: Pork Fillet Weapped in Bacon

Last night Diane treated me to a marvellous French dinner: Braised Fennel, cubed fried potatoes that was followed by the delicious pork.

The braised Fennel was a delight; she first braised it in a little stock, then finished it in the oven then sprinkled the top of the fennel with Parmesan; it was as good as it sounds.

We like to serve courses rather than piling the plate with different foods.  I am not sure where this serving/eating model came from but we find that it fits our dining.  It probably comes from our dislike of always trying to finish cooking a meal where the separate dishes need to be timed differently, too much trouble

After the vegetable course Diane fixed a delicious serve of cubed fried potatoes flavoured with chopped garlic and parsley and they were music to my taste buds.

The main that she fixed was an excellent loin of pork that we bought at the Fremantle Markets some days before.  It was not the whole loin but the best, most tender section at the very top of the animal’s back.  She wrapped this long, narrow piece of meat in bacon and roasted it while basting it several times.  That section of pork loin is tender and moist with added flavour coming from the wrapped bacon.

As a beverage we kept the French theme alive with a very drinkable Maison de Parnasse Cabernet Sauvignon.  

Diane had prepared an exceptional meal for our enjoyment!





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