FOOD DIARY: Garides Me Saltsa (shrimp,wine, feta, tomato)


Diane made a truly superb meal last evening for our enjoyment.

She began the meal with fried haloumi cheese dusted with smoky paprika and served on Turkish bread; it is hard to imagine a better beginning to a Greek meal.

In my opinion one of the great recipes of world cooking; Garides Mi Saltsa,  it has been cooked in our house for close to 40 years and I will anticipate it until the day that I no longer care about food (which means never–I hope.)  

It is a simple dish of a tomato sauce where the prawns (shrimp) are sauteed with the feta and wine plus a few fresh herbs: oregano and parsley.  I prefer the strongest tasting feta available to you, generally the Bulgarian variety if you can locate it. 

Although Diane made this dish last evening, I also always serve it with rice but never potatoes.  The rice soaks up that sauce and adds greatly to the deliciousness of the dish.  Diane’s rice is slightly different from my method; she adds to the rice while it is cooking while I fry the rice before adding the stock but both methods yeld a great side for the garides.

As a wine Diane opened one of the Greek wines I bought earlier: Mantin Tselepos Classic Mantinia from Rizes, Aecadia.  It was a dry white wine that married perfectly with garides.   I admit to a great fondness for these Greek wines that are new to me.  They taste very different from the other European wines that share our table with various foods; they are like a home after having sold your old one after many years; they just taste different than what your palate is expecting–not worse or better just different.   

One thought on “FOOD DIARY: Garides Me Saltsa (shrimp,wine, feta, tomato)

  1. ddollzden says:

    This is one of the great dishes we found in the mid 70s when Tim bought some of the Time Life Cookbooks. There are great recipes in each volume

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