FOODF DIARY: Salmon linguine

Diane is still on a cooking binge and I an certainly not objecting.  Last evening she made an old favourite: Salmon Linguine.  I am sure that other areas of this planet have the same product available, salmon off-cuts or small pieces that do not fit in any other product marketed by the company.   These pieces are perfect for making a delicious pasta sauce which is exactly what the resident chef made.

We are trying to eat up the bits that are in the fridge before our little holiday and this was a perfect example of what a good chef can do with a minimum of available ingredients.  Diane can make this dish blindfolded: she just adds the salmon pieces, saffron and a touch of cream to make the sauce.

We enjoyed, because this is quite a rich dish, the accompanying cleansing salad.

As a beverage we enjoyed a Western Australian wine from the Great Southern: a “He Said She  Said”  wine that was purchased at the Lake House winery in Denmark this past summer.  Denmark is right on the south coast and therefore quite temperate because of its proximity to the winds coming up from Antarctica so their whites are particularly tasty.  They call it a Premium White and it was an excellent accompaniment to Diane’s wonderful meal. 

One thought on “FOODF DIARY: Salmon linguine

  1. ddollzden says:

    Ah, this dish is one of our “pantry” recipes because we always have a little smoked salmon in the fridge or freezer and a drawer full of pasta. I freeze cream since we don’t use it all that often and I always have a pinch of saffron in the cupboard.

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