FOOD DIARY: Steak Diane

Friday night is Party Night around here.

We tend to eat similar meals fairly close together and we do that because buying our meat at the Fremantle Market means that the packets are larger than normal supermarket packaging.  About the smallest that we buy contains enough for four portions over two meals.  Therefore, last night Diane used what was left of the package so all of it is now finished and we will be ready to buy more when we restock the fridge later.  Here in Australia what the Americans call Round Steak is termed Rump Steak and after all these years I had not worked out where I could find the Round Steak that used to be a standard for college kids and later those of us who love Steak Diane.

As hors-d’oeuvres Diane fixed a little plate of pickled mushrooms, toasted bread and crackers spread with tapenade; all of this was to accompany a perfect Rye Manhattan.

After this delightful entrance into the home of her great evening meal, Diane served us delicious Roasted Fennel topped with a sprinkling of bread crumbs and parmesan.

The next course, because both of us enjoy eating one thing at a time rather than having a plate filled with different items, was a serve of cubed fried pottoes (my Irishness comes out because I love this dish.)

Now the main course: Steak Diane.  Diane said she was diosappointed in the finished taste but you could not verify it by me: it was delicious.

Our wine was another West Australian wine from the Great Southern; Old Kent River ’09 Pinot Noir.  We bought a few bottles at the winery which is also the local marron restaurant.  For those that don’t know, marron are a fresh water crayfish found only in Western Australia and they are superb.  It is worth the trip down to Walpole just to enjoy them at this restaurant.

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