FOOD DIARY: diet day–baked fish

Last night began the process of losing the weight that I had gained by eating too much and too regularly on our recent cruise.  Whereas a normal dinner would be a main and salad on the Dawn we regularly ate four, albeit small, courses but their food options were so good we could not turn them down.  Throw in a decent breakfast and a pizza lunch followed by afternoon tea and it is easy to see from where the weight came.  Oh well, I am glad that I like fish!

Diane and I are preparing separate meals on my every other day because she looses weight differently than I do.  Diane swears by the efficacy of the Mediterranean Diet while I am happy to eat baked fish and salad multiple times per week; it works for me!

Last night I prepared Bernard’s tried and true French recipe involving a piece of fish on a bed of sliced mushrooms baked in Vegeta stock.  I boil the water for the stock before mixing it and pouring it into a small baking dish, putting it into a preheated 180 degree oven for about 20 minutes depending on the type of fish and its thickness.  Last night I used one fillet from a Kalis prepacked fresh fish which was Saddlefish Snapper.  I prefer other varieties but you must buy what is available.

I made us a salad with all the goodies left out: no olives, no croutons, no nuts so it was pretty dull. 

Our beverage of choice was lemon flavoured water. 

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