FOOD DIARY: Bernard’s baked fish, take two.

Last night I repeated the same meal as the night before: Bernard’s fish baked on a bed of mushrooms while bathed in heated Vegeta stock.

The Saddletailed Snapper is a firm (too!) fleshed fish but it does have a good flavour; however, it would be more suitable for other methods of cooking.  At least that is what I think and that conclusion could easily be challenged by people with different tastes from mine.  Diane and I went over to Garden City today and bought four pieces of instantly frozen fish that are my favourites for this French recipe: two Patagonian Toothfish and two of Kiwi Orange Roughy.  After splurging on food on the cruise it is only appropriate that we go back on the 2–5 Diet with Tuesday and Thursday being my cooking diet days and baked fish the predominant meal when this occurs.  Saturday is my third day and that can be anything that is proven or interesting.

We just had our standard green salad with a little sliced tomato and a little cubed avocado for taste.

Our beverage of choice was a glass of lemon flavoured water.

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